Monday, January 6, 2020

Episode 340: Hellboy-ish

Hello everyone, welcome to our first week in Geek for the new year!

The year kind of starts off with a whimper in terms of nerd news and streaming reviews, but it's just the beginning. This episode we spend most of our time talking about what we're playing, the sheer lack of enjoyment we had with Hellboy (2019) and the free shit good shit on Playstation plus for January. We also answer last week's podquestion of "What is your New Years resolution?"

his week's streaming review was brought to you by Bat.  We watched the 2019 version of Hellboy HBOgo. Neither of us were looking forward to this one as the reviews were not kind to it.  While I absolutely loved the first two with Ron Pearlman, Bat had not seen either of them. Even still, our boredom with this movie was on the same level.  I hate to say it, because of my love of the originals but also the fact that this movie was taking the spot of the non-existent 3rd movie with Pearlman.  There are so many scenes in this movie that were almost payoffs from the other ones but they didn't feel earned.  The fun and weird style of the previous movies just felt like a poor knock.  There are so many things about this movie that just missed the mark, which was sad.  We both recommend you steer clear of this one.


Next week we're watching my suggestion of Overlord on Amazon Prime.

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  1. I couldnt even finish Hellboy it was so bad. I loved the puzzles in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. They utilized so much of the environment, there was variety, and they were challenging without being impossible. Great show this week!

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback! Yes, Hellboy was atrocious