Monday, September 9, 2019

Episode 325: IT Chapter 2

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek!

Oh no, the clown is back in town!  This week we hit the theaters to see IT: Chapter 2.  Don't worry, I most definitely jumped and Bat most definitely laughed at my expense.  But don't worry, we won't spoil the rollercoaster until the end of the show.  In the mean time enjoy our spoiler free review followed by our streaming review of Hurt Locker.  We also discuss some brief nerd news with Nintendo direct announcements and the Bad Boys 4 Life trailer.  Then we wrap up the show by answering  last week's podquestion of "What the last magazine you bought?"

This week's streaming review was The Hurt Locker on HBOgo. It's really sad to say, but this movie was a disappointment.  Knowing for so long that it gained so many accolades, hell it even won best picture over Avatar in 2010, made it all that must more of a let down.  While we were both very interested to see the slice of life movie about a bomb disposal group in Iraq what we were instead treated to was a mish mash of scenes that just made us hate he main character.  There was no real weight or gravity to the situation that they were in, instead it focused haphazardly on the adrenaline junkie style rush of the main character.  Bat's note that the one impact scene, the one where the Lieutenant Colonel was taken out by an IED, is also the main point of emotional impact in the entire film.  We both were pretty amazed that this movie was so highly praised when it felt like and over all shallow portrayal of the the true horrors that were experienced by Bomb techs.  We both recommend skipping this one.


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