Monday, July 8, 2019

Episode 316: But Did You Get The Nachos

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek!

The trickle of news continues but fret not!  We have a new Marvel Movie to review with Spider Man: Far From Home hitting the theaters.  As always we bring you our spoiler free and spoiler filled reviews of this web slinging feature. We also talk about the new Ariel casting, review our streaming movie A Star Is Born and answer last week's podquestion of "what city would you want to destroy as Godzilla?"

This week's streaming review was A Star Is Born. We both have heard so much about this movie and were genuinely curious to see what all of the buzz was about.  Sadly, neither of us were really blown away by the movie.  While there are definite parts of the movie we enjoyed, over all it just wasn't what we were hoping for.  Something that really held the movie back for both of us was the never ending downward spiral of a relationship between Cooper and Gaga. With numerous points in the movie the characters seemed to realize they were bad for each other but then ignored the signs and went right back to each other.  While that might have been the point, it was exhausting as an audience member.  We didn't come out of the movie hating it, but we also didn't come out loving it... we just felt "meh" about it all.  It's hard for either of us to recommend this movie to anyone but we also can't really tell you to skip it either.  Sorry folks, we wish we could give you more.


Next week we will we continue our HBOgo kick with Robin Hood.


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