Monday, May 6, 2019

Episode 308: Logan's Run

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek!

As we recover this week following the End Game buzz, we took a little break and skipped out on seeing a movie in the theater this week. Instead we started to focus on the news including the sad passing of Peter Mahew, Sonic's "new" look, and Sonic's soon-to-be "newer" look, and the directors of Spiderverse honing Sony's spider-centric TV universe. We also bring you our streaming review of Logan's Run and answer last week's podquestion of, "Who is your favorite hero in the MCU?"

This week we watched Logan's Run on Netflix. Boy Howdy does this movie not age well. Now with that out of the way, there genuinely is a good movie (Or at least a good concept of a movie) hidden somewhere in this 2 hour mess. Yes, it is over 30 years old and yes, old sci-fi does not always hold up very well, but the acting is absolutely atrocious. In fact, that's what really keeps this movie from being good. All the cheesy sci-fi paraphernalia aside, the nonsensical acting and character choices derail this movie towards utter ridiculousness. If you can't tell, neither of us really enjoyed this one. It's hard to bestow it the mantle of "classic" because of all its missteps. Even my love for Jenny Agutter can't bring me to recommend this movie to anybody.


Next week we have a fan suggestion for our streaming review.  Kristi wants us to watch the Stanley Tucci led Netflix version of A Quiet Place, The Silence.  She hasn't led us astray before so we're looking forward to giving this one a shot.

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