Monday, April 8, 2019

Episode 304: Kaza....I Mean Shazam!

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek!

This week we dip our toes into the DC pool this time as we went out to the theaters to watch Shazam! Don't worry - We'll bring you our spoiler-free and spoiler-full reviews of DC's latest opus. This week we also talk a little nerd news with our favorite game finally giving a release date this year - "Borderlands 3," we talk about the new Joker trailer, as well as review our streaming movie, "Fyre" and answer this week's podcast question of, "Are you going to be buying a 4K TV?"

This week we watched my suggestion of the Netflix original documentary Fyre. This movie truly depicts the birth of a clusterfuck. It was as exhausting as it was interesting to watch how all the planning (didn't) come together. They say that it takes village to raise a child, but this situation demonstrates that it only takes one person to destroy one. This documentary treats us to an interesting perspective of a very charismatic leader who can make anybody believe the impossible is possible. But when the veil is lifted, we're able to see the mess that's left in his wake. Neither of us really paid a lot of attention to this when it was going on. What we do remember was a bunch of stranded rich people on an island. The reality behind it all was much more fascinating, terrifying, and a reality-check. This only happened a couple of years ago, yet it seems like this is something that should've happened decades ago. In a world where Influencers rule much of our perceptions and opinions, this movie serves as a Come-To-Jesus moment to truly check yourself before you let someone else wreck yourself.

We both really enjoyed this movie and would recommend anybody who's curious about it give it a watch. 


Next week we are going to continue the trend of never seeing Purge movies in the theater (not on purpose) by watching The First Purge on HBOgo. 

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