Monday, November 26, 2018

Episode 287: Ralph Wrecks the Sequel

Hello everyone, welcome back to another week in geek. This week we bring you pretty short and sweet show with our spoiler free and spoiler filled review of Ralph Breaks the Internet.  As our title kind of spoils it, we didn't really love it. We also discuss our streaming review of Netflix's live action adaption of Bleach along with a singular news story about Live Action Completely CGI Lion King movie trailer and answer this week's podquestion of what was your favorite Stan Lee Cameo.

Sometimes I just like to torture Bat... and this week's streaming review is a great example of that with our streaming review of Bleach on Netflix. The movie follows much of the first season of the anime series with a few modifications. On the whole it's actually a pretty decent adaptation with the characters capturing the look and feel of most of the characters (maybe except Orihime) and the overall style and flare of the show, even down to Rukia's drawings. The key problems with this movie is that is really only appeals, and seems to make sense, to those that are fans of the series.  Bat was pretty darn lost and also completely miffed by the Dub vs Subtitles conflict.  If anything I'd recommend only watching this one in Sub as the English voice cast and script are pretty rough. If you are not an anime/Bleach fan, like Bat, you might want to avoid this one but if you are like me and enjoy the show and its anime tropes I think you'll find that it's pretty enjoyable.  Heck it makes me want to go back and watch the series a little bit. Bat says hard pass and I say give it a try.


Next week we're hoping back in the whirlwind... heh... and watching Hurricane Heist
on Netflix.  This movie is gonna be stupid, but here's to hoping that it's an enjoyable level of stupid.

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