Monday, November 19, 2018

Episode 285: Fantastic Crimes and Where to Dumbledore

Hello everyone, welcome back to another week in geek. 

First and foremost, with all of our joking aside, we really do want to send all our best thoughts towards Stan Lee's family and friends.  You sir, will sorely be missed. 

Okay, back to normal bs, this week we bring you our magically spoiler free and spoiler filled review of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  Are you excited for some more wand slinging, because we know we are!  We also discuss our streaming review of (groan) Fifty Shades Freed along with some nerd news regarding Sony pulling out of E3 and the Detective Pikachu.  We also answer this week's podquestion of what was your favorite strategy guide.

Oh sometimes I have to ask why we do this to ourselves... but this week our streaming review was Fifty Shades Freed on HBOgo.  What can we say that we haven't already said?  These two are just plain terrible for each other and for themselves.  Manipulative, childish, poorly planned... well the list goes on and on.  But it says something when the most boring part of the movie is it's sex scenes.  Our biggest complaint over the past 3 movies, beyond everything else, is the sheer lack of chemistry between the two main characters.  There is a literal void where their chemistry should be.  It's like watching a movie that's inside a movie ironically where the actors are mocking soap opera actors by just reciting their lines.  The best part about this movie is when it ends because you know that's all of them for now.  Skip it, you know you want to.

Next week we're going to be taking a bit of a pallet cleanser by watching the live action adaptation to the anime Bleach on Netflix.  I've heard good things about it so here's to hoping I didn't just doom us to watch a travesty in motion.

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