Monday, September 24, 2018

Episode 281: 2018 Summer Movie Round up

Hello everyone and welcome to our week in geek!  With us doing our Summer movie round up this episode we thought it was only fitting for us to watch the last movie on our list for this "summer."  So we went out to the theaters to watch Predator and we are bringing you our spoiler filled and spoiler free reviews for your listening pleasure.  Speaking of our Summer Movie Round up... we're doing that too!  It was a busy Summer season and we saw some pretty neat movies along with a few disappointing ones and missed a whole slew of movies that will surely be future streaming movie fodder.  But before we get to that we actually got a decent amount of nerd news with:

-TaleTell closing
-Die Hard 6
-Captain Marvel trailer
-Civ 6 coming to Switch
-Xbox console subscription plan
-Joaquin Joker teaser
- PS & N64 Classics
-PS Now Download option
Along with all of these awesome bits we review our streaming movie this month, Cargo.  

This week's streaming review Netflix original movie Cargo. Let's start off and say that while this is a zombie movie it actually doesn't feature a whole lot of zombies, or as they call them "virals."  This movie focuses more on the human aspect, more specifically the connection between the main character and his daughter.  The main drive for Freeman in the movie is to get his daughter to safety within the 48 hrs he has left before he also turns.  As I mentioned last week this movie was actually based off of a short movie by the same name)  You can watch that short film here Cargo Short Film) but besides Freeman's performance this movie feels like the good concept was stretched a bit too thin.  We both thoroughly enjoyed his performance and think he's the main thing pulling this movie together.  But sadly we're a bit split on whether

 that makes us want to recommend the movie.  We both gave it a thumbs up but I'm telling people to hold off while Bat is saying he thinks Freeman's performance makes it more worth while.

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