Monday, September 17, 2018

Episode 280: Bye Bye Mr. Super Guy

Hello everyone and welcome to our week in geek!  We failed to get back out to the theaters this week but we will be hitting it hard next week with Predator and our Summer Movie wrap up.  So this week instead we take a look at the trickle of nerd news including the rumors of Henry Cavil exiting the DC EU... Oh no!  Like seriously, we really love him as Superman and have no clue if DC has a solid idea of what they want to do. We also talk about our streaming movie Moon and answer this week's podquestion of which Super Hero's alter ego's job would we want to do.

This week's streaming review was Moon.  We have been curious about seeing this one for some time.  In fact it was one of the reasons we watched the Netflix original Mute, as it was the same director.  Unfortunately we really, really didn't like Mute so it made us both hesitant to want to rush to see Moon.  But I can say that the driving force for both of us was Sam Rockwell, and he delivered.  Much like the one actor movies like Castaway, this movie heavily relies on the performance by Rockwell to really sell the concept.  While the movie may end a bit rushed we both found it to be a enjoyable ride with some good acting to continue to move the story along.  We both recommend giving this movie a shot and think you'll have a good time while you're at it.


For next week's streaming review we're jumping back into the breach of Netflix orignal movies with Cargo.  Funny enough, this movie is actually a remake of the short film that I was talking to Bat about on the podcast by the same title.  You can watch that short film here Cargo Short Film.

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