Monday, July 23, 2018

Episode 274: SDCC 2018 Super Recap

Hello everyone and welcome to our week in geek! No theatrical review this week but fret not!  Nerd news has been blessed by the wonder of SDCC.  So we spend this episode pouring over the trailers and news that hit from SDCC this past weekend.  We review Detroit for this week's streaming review and answer our Podquestion of what TV show hang out would you choose?

This week's streaming review was Detroit.  Phew, this movie is intense.  It was also a little different than what we expected by being more of a very personal story happening during the events of the Detroit riots.  There were so many moments that just really put you in the moment of the characters and made you feel the tension.  The acting was solid and the cinematography that brought the story to life.  Also finding out this was based on a true story further drove home the story.  We both would give this movie a recommendation to help bring you into a dark time in United States history.


For the next movie we're taking a break from the serious movies and watching something a little strange and that is I, Tonya on Hulu.  We both love Margo Robbie and can't wait to see her take on Tonya Harding.

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