Monday, April 30, 2018

Episode 263: Avengers Infinity War... Yup It's That Episode

Hello everyone and welcome to our Epic week in geek!  Why is it Epic you may ask?  Well it's our Avengers Infinity War review episode!  Holy crap guys, it's here and we're going to bring you our spoiler free review and then really dive in at the latter half of our podcast and go full spoiler mode!  If you haven't seen the movie yet then please avoid that as we both agree that going into this movie with minimal knowledge of what's going to happen really made the movie that much more enjoyable.  Now along with that we have a little more geek talk along with Venom costume reveal, more God of War (BOY!) talk, out streaming review of The Informant! and some free shit good shit for May.  We also answer last week's podquestion (shame! no answers) of what was your last traffic ticket.

This week's streaming suggestion of The Informant! was from our friend TK which was on HBOgo.  This strange... strange movie was loosely (we're not sure how loosely) based on true events.  It centers on the eclectic life of Matt Damon who is a VP during FBI informant but who also moonlights as a bi-polar embezzler.  Confused? So were we.  This movie wears many hats and does a good job of leaving you as confused as some of the character's lawyers in the movie.  While we definitely didn't enjoy this as much as Wolf of Wallstreet or The Big Short we had a few chuckles but were left mouthing "WTF" at the screen.  I think both of us would agree that this one is skippable though not terrible.  If you love watching Matt Damon play a seemingly innocent and lovable guy who's definitely up to mischief in a confounding story then this might be right up your alley. 

Next week we continue the fan streaming suggestion by watching Kristi' suggestion of The House on HBOgo.  Oh man, does she know how to torture poor Bat.  

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