Monday, April 23, 2018

Episode 262: Super Troopers Part Deux

Hello everyone and welcome to our regularly scheduled week in geek!  This week we venture out to the theaters to bring you our spoiler free and spoiler filled review of Super Troopers 2.  As with last week we're sitting a little lack of nerdy news but we do have something awesome to talk about that released this week, God of War for PS4!  Oh yes, Kratos is back in a big bad way and both Bat and I are here to give you our first thoughts (don't worry we keep it vague and spoiler free).  We also discuss this week's fan suggestion streaming review of Open House on Netflix and answer this week's Podquest of what is your favorite Asian food.

This week's streaming suggestion of Open House on Netflix was from one of our listeners Kristi.  The movie follows the tale of a Mother and Son who are out of house and home and end up staying in the Aunt's house (remote mountain top mansion) that is on the market.  The horror movie set up actually feels bad (in a good way) with the setting being something that you can unfortunately imagine taking place in real life.  The movie does a good job of showing terrifying things to the viewer but leaving the characters blissfully unaware or unable to see what lurks just around the corner.  At first I thought it was going to be a simple jump scare-a-thorn but it quickly showed it's true colors as a wonderfully upsetting mind game where it gave you plenty of likely suspects but surprises you at the very end with the terrifying answer of not knowing who the killer is or what their motivation is besides wanting to torture poor unsuspecting open houses.  While we still would like for some tweaks and edits to the movie we both recommend this one and gave it a thumbs up.  Thanks Kristi for another good horror movie recommendation!

Next week we continue the fan streaming suggestion by watching TK's suggestion of The Informant! on HBOgo.  

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