Monday, March 19, 2018

Episode 259: CGI Raider

Welcome back to our week in geek.  This week we bring you our spoiler free and spoiler filled review of Tomb Raider.  We also continue to watch through our streaming suggestions  by reviewing Mute on Netflix. You'll want to listen in on Bat's extreme dislike for this movie, I found it particularly entertaining to see a reaction close-ish to BvS or TLJ.  We discuss some of the ongoing news and we answer last week's podquestion of what was your first Mature rated game.

This week's fan streaming review from the Heterolifemate was Mute on Netflix. Now I kind of spoiled it in the intro, but we didn't really like this movie.  Bat absolutely HATED it and I just didn't enjoy it.  The world of a futuristic Berlin as the back drop was kind of interesting but the cast of characters and how they were haphazardly strewn about made the movie and over all mess.  Both of us thought that the lost love plot was overly convoluted and the motivation for her dead at the hands of Cactus just didn't really make sense to us.  The overly elongated ending as well just stretched out what we were having a hard time following.  I do like Bat's idea of pitching a movie just about cactus and his partner, where neither of them know the others "dark secrets" and watch as they slowly discover.  But that movie doesn't exist and sadly what we're left with was a Muted response of a movie.  We both suggest you save your time and spend it somewhere else, perhaps on Altered Carbon.

This week's streaming suggestion comes from our friend Buggs.  He wants us to watch the Netflix produced live action adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist.  While Bat hasn't seen any of the anime I've watched and loved it all.  I'm a little cautious going into this one after the Netflix Death Note movie.  Even with it being a Japanese produced adaptation I'm still cautiously optimistic because I've been burnt before.  I'm looking at you Attack on Titan live action!

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