Sunday, February 18, 2018

Episode 256: Black Panther

Welcome back to our on time  week in geek. It's kind of sad I have to say that, but I have had a bad track record of not getting these episodes out on time.  Thank you to our listeners for checking in, we really do appreciate you so much for putting up with and supporting our shenanigans weekly. This week we actually got out to the theaters to see Black Panther so listen along for our spoiler free and spoiler filled review of the first Marvel movie of the year. We also review this week's fan suggested streaming review of The Adventures of TinTin and an answer this week's podquestion of what was the last CD you purchased.

Also as a heads up, Because Bat will be out of the state this week (Disneyland!) we will not be posting our regularly scheduled show next week.  But please look forward to the following Monday for your regular SzG goodness.

This week's streaming review of  suggestion of The Adventures of TinTin was brought to us by our friend Mando.  While neither of us were really engaged by this movie we did acknowledge that it was a rather beautiful production.  But because we never really got attached to the character we just couldn't get into the movie.  With all of the non stop action and wacky set pieces we just had a sense of "been there, done that" and spent a large portion of the movie doing other things and getting distracted.  We didn't hate the movie but we also really can't say we liked it.  Bat gave it a cautious thumbs up and I gave it a thumbs down. Skip it or see it, the choice is yours.


This week we're going to get dark, how dark you ask?  Is it a numerical value maybe?  Well, you would indeed be correct.  We are getting exactly 50 Shades Darker.  Come and join the joyous romp of this hilarious romantic comedy on HBOgo.   

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