Monday, February 5, 2018

Episode 224: What Happened To TGIF

Welcome back to our week in geek. This week we get down with some nerd news, dish out some free shit good shit for PS+ games, review this week's streaming suggestion of What Happened to Monday and answer last week's question of what real life animal would you choose to be your mount?

This week's streaming review was brought to us by TK, his suggestion was What Happened to Monday.  Like many other Netflix original movies we can start off with saying that this movie needs some tightening up and it is very reminiscent of the likes of Gattacaand Children of Men.  Mind you it's not nearly the level of some of the bad Netflix original movies we've seen.  We both enjoyed the movie, it had some good performances from Noomi Rapace and the over all story and concept was interesting. Where we wished to see more development was that of the different sisters individual personalities.  With each sister having their very own day of the week, it would have been nice to see how diverse their desires and activities were.  This stems from our biggest of wants, more investment in the different sisters.  Once they started to kill them off it got harder and harder to tell which one was dying and which one you were rooting for.  Give this one a shot, even if only to watch Rapace's performance, but don't be in any kind of rush.


So we were originally going to watch Mando's suggestion of The Adventures of TinTin but then Netflix dropped 
Cloverfield Paradox right after the Super Bowl and we had to course correct to not miss a moment of the Cloverfield awesomeness...hopefully.  You can watch this one on Netflix.

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