Monday, January 22, 2018

Episode 222: Discovering Nothing

Welcome back to our week in geek. We're continuing the streak of slow news week and I almost  forgot to watch this streaming review but Bat made sure that I finished the travesty that is Discovering Bigfoot.  We also talk some nerd news,discuss some new trailers along with rumors of a new fable and we answer last week's question of who would play you in your made for TV movie.

This week's streaming review was from our friend Mando.  For some reason he decided to torture us with the "documentary" of Discovering Bigfoot on Netflix.  Wow... it's almost hard to know where to begin.  I guess we should ask someone if this is a mockumentary or is it an honest attempt at a documentary?  As a mockumentary it's wayyyy too long (running almost 2 hours) and the laughs are non present.  Really I guess you could say it's just unremarkable.  Now as a documentary this is absolutely ridiculous and plan stupid.  Well... if Bat and I had watched this blitzed it might have been fun.  But on it's own it was long, boring, ridiculous and lacked any real revelations that usually come with these sort of movies.  If you are a fan of Bigfoot you would be better spent looking up TV episodes of Sightings from the 90's.  We both say give this one a pass... also this is proof that we will watch it if you recommend it.  So, remember... "with great power, comes great responsibility."


Okay with that terrible movie out of our way let's move on to a real movie.  Bat's suggestion this week is Dallas Buyers Club on Netflix.  I think we're both prepared to cry and feel emotions on this one.

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  1. I think Bigfoot are not exist because if they are then we have proofs. I searched on internet many time for a proof. I found some clips. But always they seems to be fake. So I think that this is a fake story. Well But I love to watch Full movie on Bigfoot.