Monday, December 11, 2017

Episode 217: I Before E

Welcome back to our week in geek!  This week was going to be a slow news week but then we were blessed with an unexpected geek storm.  We discuss the new possible Fox acquisition by Disney, SDCC winning it's case against SLCC, we talk about the new Jurassic and Alita trailers, review this week's streaming suggestion of Me Before You and answer this week's question of who is your favorite Disney Animated Villain.

This week's streaming review was Me Before You on Amazon Prime.  we were split in our opinion of this one.  Where Bat couldn't find himself invested in the characters and left the movie pretty apathetic, I was right on board for the emotion train.  There is a distinct feel for UK cast that, while not 'big' stars, they deliver some solid performances.  Bat will not recommend this one but I will.

This week's streaming review is supposed to be another emotional drama as we watch
The Big Sick.  I recommended this one mainly for my love of the Geeky Husband/Wife podcast that Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon used tot do along with Nerdist.  This movie is based around how the found and fell in love with each other in real life.  You can watch this one on Amazon Prime.

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