Sunday, November 19, 2017

Episode 214: Just-Us League

Welcome back to our  week in geek!  This week we bring you our spoiler-free and spoiler filled review of Justice League.  We also discuss some nerd news along with our streaming review of Purge: Election Year along with answering this week's question of what is your favorite movie to watch for Thanksgiving.

This week's streaming review was one of our long awaiting requests, The Purge: Election Year.  Boy are we happy to finally able to watch this one on streaming.  Bat and I have said that while we didn't particularly enjoy the first movie we thought the concept was interesting.  With the second movie we got to dive further into the mythos and change the movie into more of an action flick.  This final (maybe?) movie ties all 3 movies together while providing even more depth to the world and providing a satisfying, if not somewhat ambiguous, conclusion.  We both had  a good time and would recommend this movie to any Purge fan out there.  Give this one a watch and you won't be disappointed. 

With this week's streaming review we are watching the Simon Pegg version of Bruce Almighty, Absolutely Anything.  Also known as one of the last roles of Robin Williams we're not too sure how well this movie is going to do under our viewing as it received a complete lack of press.  Here's to hoping we get a few laughs out of this movie as we watch it on Netflix.

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