Monday, October 16, 2017

Episode 209: Colossal Mistake?

Welcome back to our  week in geek!  This week we get together to review our streaming movie, Colossal, we talk about the lack of nerd news and answer this week's question of what is your favorite childhood game/toy commercial.

This week's Streaming Review was Colossal on Hulu.  This movie was a bit... weird.  Mainly because all of the trailers really pushed the comedy angle but kind of ignored the dark side of the movie.  And then there was the strange mistake where I read "Dark Comedy" as "Romantic Comedy" and looped my girlfriend into a strange ass ride.  Bat and I both agreed that without the fun quirk of giant monsters we would not have been nearly as invested.  The movie centers around an odd love triangle of people with various issues that it kind of fails to really dive into.  But, to be honest, I'm rather thankful for that.  As it is, the characters are strange and don't always seem to make sense with their motivations.  The jokes are few and far between and the charm of the movie rests solely in the monsters hands.  We give it a cautious recommendation but warn to not trust the trailers too much.


This week's Streaming Review has us catching up on a bit of our Halloween goodness.  That's right, we completely forgot that it's that magical time of year where we scare the shit out of me and watch 4 horror films.  To start us off we're watching Lights Out on HBOgo.  I can tell you I saw the trailer and I'm already regretting this decision.

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  1. Bat and Hammer is one of my favourite shows. I reigiously follow each of the episodes. And the movie reviews are what I bae my own movie choices upon.