Monday, September 4, 2017

Episode 205: Death Nope

Hello and welcome to back to our back on track week in geek.  With the slow news week and the end of summer we thought this was the perfect time to do our summer movie round up.  This is the time where we take a look back at the summer slate of movies and pick our tops and bottoms and discuss the rest.  We also dish out a little free shit good shit with the PlayStation plus games for this month as well as this week's streaming review.

For this week's suggestion we watched the Netflix
 remake of Death Note. This was a movie that we both approached with a bit of apprehension due to the negative internet feedback. Bat, with no knowledge of the source material, and myself, avid lover of the anime and the Japanese live action movies. The best parts of the movie were easily the casting of L and Ryuk. The person cast as L did a wonderful job of playing the Sherlock Holmes-esque character and William DaFoe is easily the best version of Ryuk that we probably will ever see. That's where the good stuff ends unfortunately. L's character completely breaks in the third act and goes against everything that was set up in Acts 1 and 2. DaFoe unfortunately is more of a cameo than anything and while his scenes are extremely enjoyable they are usually brief. Light, the other main character, was completely hollow and a shadow of the original source material. You need only look up the scene comparisons between anime movie of Light's first introduction to Ryuk to realize that they completely missed the point. Whereas the original source material had Light be a narcissistic sociopath who imagined a better world through killing of the evil or wicked the movie on the other hand portrayed him as a little kid with a gun who was more concerned with impressing a girl than he was with his own well-being. Overall, neither of us can recommend this movie to any fans of the anime and would strongly advise people who have never heard of the show before to avoid this and instead watch the anime which is on Netflix as well.

This week's Streaming Review is a recomendation from Bugs (of our awesome listeners)
Butter.  We have no clue what this movie is or why we want to spread it over toast, but we will be back next week to give you our spoiler filled review.  You can watch this one on Netflix.  

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