Monday, August 28, 2017

Episode 204: The Founding Father of Fast Food

Hello and welcome to back to our kind of often week in geek.  Sorry for the on and off delays in shows recently, life happens but we're thankful for all of you who subscribe and keep on listening.  This week we get to dive into the cluster fuck that is the DCMU, Talk about Movie Pass and even get into a spoiler filled Game of Thrones talk at the end of the show.  Unfortunately Bat didn't get to make it to the theater but I got to see the Hitman's Bodyguard and bring you my spoiler free review.  We also review this week's streaming review of the Founder, discuss some free shit good shit and discuss this week's podquestion of "which Game of Thrones character would you would like to see get their own spin off."

For this week's suggestion we watched The Founder.  This movie follows the person who took McDonald's from one restaurant to a world wide phenomenon.  While I'm sad that we missed this one in the theaters I'm really glad we got to see it now.  Keaton's performance is outstanding.  You can see how this really unlikable man could really steal and resell the idea of fast food as his own.  Bat really loved this movie, even went so far as to look up the Phoenix location to try visit it (sadly it's closed).  I enjoyed it but something just kept me from loving it.  We both recommend watching this, even if just to watch Keaton act like a true asshat in glorious form.

This week's Streaming Review is of the controversial american remake of Death Note.  While I have seen the series before Bat is going into this one completely blind.  The reviews are extremely harsh which has only fueled our want to see this movie.  Will we survive watching this on Netflix?  Check back next week to find out.  

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