Monday, August 14, 2017

Episode 203 The Darkish Tower

Hello and welcome to back to our kind of often interpreted week in geek.  Sorry for the on and off delays in shows recently, life happens but we're thankful for all of you who subscribe and keep on listening.  Seriously, you gals and guys are the best.  Not much has happened in between these past two weeks, save for Disney's plan split with Netflix which is our main topic of conversation.  But we did make it to the theaters to see The Dark Tower and as per our usual we give our spoiler free first and our spoiler filled review at the end of the show. We also review our streaming review of Hacksaw Ridge and answer last weeks podquestion of "who is do you want to see take up the Batman mantle after Batfleck."

Last week's Hacksaw Ridge really made us wish we had seen this movie in the theaters. For one, we both really liked this movie.  The story of a conscientious objector who still wants to do his part in the war is a very intense and thrilling adventure that is even more extraordinary when you realize it's based on real events and a real person.  The first half of the movie establishes our protagonist and shows us why he won't handle a gun while the second half is spent leading up to, during and after the battle of Hacksaw Ridge.  The war scenes are incredibly visceral and are the main reason we wish we had seen this movie in the theater.  I took issue with one scene where one of the bad ass American GI's uses a massive machine gun while using a human torso as a shield but otherwise it was a non-stop assault on the senses.  Bat's biggest detraction was that of Garfield's accent and acting but he didn't drag me out of the experience at all.  We both highly recommend seeing this one as soon as you get the chance.

Another one of the movies we missed out in the theaters makes it o our Streaming Review with this week's suggestion of The Founder.  This movie follows the person who took McDonald's from one restaurant to a world wide phenomenon.  And he doesn't make many friends along the way, supposedly.  Join us in watching one of our favorite actors, we're looking at you Keaton, as we watch this movie on Netflix. 

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