Monday, June 5, 2017

Episode 195: A Wonderful PCC Recap

Hello and welcome back and we have some stories to tell!  Which you may have guessed from this episodes length. This last week was Phoenix Comic Con and we have our full coverage and reactions from both Bat and myself.  We had 3 successful panels, thank you to all that attended, and we also got to see two movies.  One that lived up to it's titled and one that sunk at the box office.  We are only going to be giving a spoiler free of Baywatch but we will be giving Wonder Woman a spoiler free and spoiler filled review (spoilers at the end of the show).  We also are going to gush about Split and wrap everything up with some free shit good shit and our podquestion of... wait, no we didn't.  Sorry all we got so wrapped up in recapping the past two weeks that we got a distracted and forgot.  But next week we won't! 

This week's recommendation of Split was mine, but really Bat and I couldn't hold off waiting for streaming to see this one.  Which, I can tell you now, was no mistake.  This movie is simply fantastic, though the main reason we say so is because of James McAvoy's acting.  We were floored by his performances as each of the personalities living in the antagonist's mind.  Watching him shift between characters so seamlessly was simply a treat to witness.  The story was enjoyable to, it had many of the familiar thriller tones that we used to expect from Shyamalan.  While this doesn't get the director back into his previous esteem, it does finally pull him out of his detention corner in our opinion.  The connections to Unbreakable (one of our absolute favorites) seemed added late in the game but was still a nice treat.  We both highly recommend you giving this one a chance and watch it as soon as you can.


This week's recommendation of 
War Dogs comes from Bat.  This movie seemingly popped in and out of the theater with little to no fanfare but the trailer grabbed us.  You can watch along as we stream this week's movie through HBOgo.

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SpeedRunners             6/1-6/30
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Dragon Age: Origins      6/16-6/30

Also Playstation Plus's June free games for all 3 systems.

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Killing Floor 2
Life is Strange

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Abyss Odyssey
 WRC 5: World Rally Championship

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 Neon Chrome (PS4)
 Spy Chameleon(PS4)

For this week's Podquestion... which we forgot to answer... we want to know what is your favorite Movie Theater Snack?

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