Monday, May 22, 2017

Episode 194: The Truth Is Out There... That Alien Covenant Isn't Good

Hello and welcome back! While we took a week off the news started to really stack up! We have a whole mess of Nerd News in addition to our theatrical review of Alien Covenant and our streaming review of Now You See Me 2. We also now are in the final count down to Phoenix Comic Con! Damn, I can’t tell you how excited we are! So many things to see and people to talk with. It’s one of my favorite times of the year! But for now let’s get onto the podcast as well as our Podquestion of what is your favorite Star Trek TV show theme?

This week's recommendation of  Now You See Me 2 was from Bat.  While we both adored the first movie, we were sadly disappointed with this second foray into NYSM's world.  Some of our biggest complaints were in the form of flat character development.  Normally in a sequal you would look to further evolve your characters that you set up in the first movie.  But this one seems to just keep the status quo and only really allows Lizzy Caplan's character to find some growth.  But that's probably because she's the only real new one to the team.  Also, we just couldn't get past the zany character of Woody Harrelson's "brother."  He just felt really phoned in and very distracting.  The movie isn't a total loss as you're still treated to some really fun spectacles in the form of their magic tricks.  But I would still argue that alone is not worth the price of admission.  If you loved the first one we both recommend you pretend like this one didn't exist and enjoy the first one again instead.  Bat and I both gave this one 2/5.

This week's recommendation of Split is all me baby!  Well, to be honest, we both have been craving to see this one and just couldn't wait till it came to streaming.  So instead we're doing the rare thing and renting this one instead.  Here's to hoping this one lives up to the hype!

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