Monday, May 8, 2017

Episode 193: The Guardians of Fleetwood Mac

Hello and welcome back! Guess what?  It's the (Bat and Hammer) official start to Summer Movie Season!  This week we bring you our Spoiler free and Spoiler filled review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 as well as our streaming review of the Legend of Tarzan.  We also have a few trailers to discuss before wrapping up with our Podquestion of what popular gaming series have you fallen out of love, yet want to fall back in love with?

This week's recommendation of Legend of Tarzan was my choice.  Right off of the bat Bat did not like this one and said he found it boring over all.  His only thing he really liked was the fact that Tarzan always kept his hands in an ape like knuckle... yup that was his only thing he liked about this.  I on the other hand had a pretty good time with this retelling of a later in his life Tarzan.  While far from perfect it was an entertaining tale.  The villain motivations were either too convoluted (Christoph Waltz's character) or too simple (Djimon Hounsou's character ).  While I wouldn't give it a second watch I would say it was fun if you have any love at all for the character.  Bat would tell you to avoid it at all costs.


This week's recommendation of  Now You See Me 2 comes from Bat.  We both liked the first one but are unsure how they're going to do with the parting of ways with Isla Fisher.  You can watch this one with us on HBOgo.

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