Monday, May 1, 2017

Episode 192: Inside Helmet Jokes

Hello and welcome back!  It's another illustrious "slow news week."  We stayed out of the theater again this week but instead watched out streaming review of Backcountry.  We also talk a little about Call of Duty WWII and a Unbreakable sequel.  We wrap everything up with some free shit good shit and our answers to last week's Podquestion of what actor did you feel was underused or wasted in a Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This week's fan recommendation, from Kristi, was the hiking horror movie Backcountry.  We went into this movie with no expectations and were relatively surprised.  Although this movie is not great, it was pretty decent.  We liked how it just jumped right into the story unlike, as Bat pointed out, The Forest.  I also really found the Bear scene to be particularly impacting... like wow, I felt uncomfortable. Our biggest gripes were the "stupid" mistakes that had to be made for the movie to happen that we felt cheapened the movie.  Bat also kind of wanted a subplot involving the Trailman.  Overall we both gave it a thumbs up and thought it was an entertaining watch. 


This week's recommendation of Legend of Tarzan is my choice.  We missed this one in the theaters and we're about to find out if that was a good or bad thing.  Here's to hoping that we'll go ape for this one... nope, I'm not sorry for that one.  You can watch this one with us on HBOgo.

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For this week's Podquestion we want to know what popular gaming series have you fallen out of love, yet want to fall back in love with?

Free Shit, Good Shit:
We have Xbox's Games with Gold for May including

Xbox one:
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams                        5/1-5/31
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris                  5/16-6/15

Xbox 360:
Force Unleashed 2                                            5/1-5/15
Lego Star Wars Complete Saga                        5/16-5/31

Also Playstation Plus's Mayfree games for all 3 systems.

Playstation 4:
Tales from the Borderlands

Playstation 3:
Blood Knights
Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants

Plyastation Vita:
Laser Disco Defenders, (PS4)
Type:Rider ( PS4)

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That is all for this week's Blogcast.  Be sure to tune in next year. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.


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