Monday, April 17, 2017

Episode 191: Asgardians of the Galaxy

Hello and welcome back!  And this week we actually have some news for you all!  But first we give you our streaming review of The BFG.  Once that Giant has fallen we then get to dive head long into the week of Disney.  It all begins with the first trailer for Thor Ragnarok and follows with the first trailers for Star Wars the Last Jedi and Battlefront 2. Lastly we wrap everything up with answers from this week's Podquestion of what TV show should Hammer watch next.

This week's recommendation was The BFG on Netflix.  While I fondly remember the book, Bat had never even heard of it.  But with the Nostalgia aside we took a leap and sat down for a rather mediocre ride.  You wouldn't have guessed this was a Steven Spielberg movie if you hadn't seen his name on the trailer.  While we both enjoyed the Giants we really couldn't invest ourselves into the human characters.  Over all Bat felt bored and I felt a little let down.  It's not a terrible movie but it also isn't a good one.  We both gave this a thumbs down with 2/5 for Bat and a 3/5 for me. 

This week's recommendation is from one of our dear listeners.  Kristi wants us to watch 
Backcountry.  While we had no clue what it is we know that she hasn't steered us wrong yet.  I took a peak at the trailer and have a feeling this one is going to make me jump.  Feel free to watch this one with us on Netflix.

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Last week we wanted to know what completed TV series should Hammer watch next.

Bat                     - Friends
Bat                     - Scrubs
Bat                     - Seinfield
Josh the White  - Breaking Bad
Pajamazon        - Twinpeaks

This week we want to know what actor do you feel was underused or wasted in a Marvel Cinematic Universe.?

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That is all for this week's Blogcast.  Be sure to tune in next year. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.


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