Monday, April 3, 2017

Episode 189: Ghost in the Shell Is a Good Example of Why You Shouldn't Judge a Movie Before Seeing It

Hello and welcome back!  For this week's show we bring you our spoiler free and spoiler filled review of Ghost in the Shell.  Sorry for the long title but if you listen to our spoiler free review, or see the movie yourself, I think you'll understand the long ass title and why it fits this movie.  We review our streaming movie, Keanu and deep dive into nerd news including the trailer to IT along with some good 'oll free shit good shit. Lastly we wrap everything up with answers from this week's Podquestion of what was your favorite childhood live action show.  Oh yeah, and go ahead and steal our T-shirt idea... but send us 2 shirts please.  #BigItFan #NotABigItFan 

This week's recommendation of Keanu was my choice... and I kind of regret it.  Bat and I both agreed that this was a bad movie.  I can't tell you exactly what I was expecting but it wasn't this movie.  For a comedy, neither of us could remember a single time we laughed.  The best way I could put it was that this seemed like a silly 3-5 minute skit that shouldn't have been expanded into a full length movie.  We both gave it a 2/5 and highly recommend you skip this one and save yourself a little over an hour and a half.


This week's recommendation is Bat's choice and he wants us to watch Ratchet and Clank on Netflix.  We both have heard pretty negative reviews but are looking forward to giving it a shot.  You cam find this one on Netflix.

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Last week we wanted to know what was your favorite live action kids show from when you were a kid.
Bat                     - Double Dare
Hammer            - Guts
TK                     - Ghost Writer
HeteroLifemate - You Can't Do that on Television

This week we want to know which anime do you want to see turned into a live action movie?

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Xbox one:
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Walking Dead Season 2                  4/16-4/15

Xbox 360:
Dark Siders                                      4-1-4-15
Assassins Creed Revelations          4/16-4/30

Also Playstation Plus's April free games for all 3 systems.

Playstation 4:
Drawn to Death
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Playstation 3:
Invizimals: the Lost Kingdom,
 Alien Rage Extended Edition,

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10 Second Ninja, PS Vita (PS4) 
Curses ‘n Chaos, PS Vita (PS4)

That is all for this week's Blogcast.  Be sure to tune in next year. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.


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  1. Cute movie! My daughters will surely like it. Their vacation is about to start and I have added some nice shows by Andy Yeatman to their list. I believe that this is something that I love to do. I want them to watch and learn from movies and series. This would also be a good fit.