Monday, March 20, 2017

Episode 187: Beauty and the Excessive Body Haired Individual

Hello and welcome back!  This time we both were able to catch this week's theatrical release of Beauty and the Beast.  Since this is a tale as old as time we're just diving right into the spoilers on this one, mind you we really don't think there are too many.  We also review this week's streaming review of These Final Hours, talk some Nerd News and listen to Bat's Disneyland Vacation hi-jinks!  We also have answers from this week's Podquestion

This week's Streaming Suggestion, from out friend TK, was the Australian End of the world movie called These Final Hours.  I compared this movie to Seeking a Friend at the End of the World with both of the main characters seeking to find their place/purpose when their futures are decided for them.  This movie finds it's main "protagonist" as douche canoe person set on finding only self satisfaction.  But his journey is cut short when he comes to the aid of a young girl and reluctantly helps her find her father.  This whole journey is just a means to an end to show him that what he was afraid of, a real human connection, is what he really needed.  In the end we both rather enjoyed the journey and thought it was worth the watch and a nice reprieve of what we would normally choose to watch.  We each gave it a 3/5 but wouldn't seek a repeat viewing.


This week's recommendation comes from Bat.  Since we are apparently in the mood of Disney remakes we're going to be watching one that we didn't catch in theaters, Pete's Dragon.  This movie can be found on Netflix if you care to seek out this imaginary friend.

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Last week we wanted to know which X-men Character needs to have their own solo flick.

Bat              - Nightcrawler
Hammer     - Beta Ray Bill
TK              - Storm
Pajamazon -

This week we want to know what is your favorite Disney Movie Song?

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That is all for this week's Blogcast.  Be sure to tune in next year. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.


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