Monday, March 13, 2017

Episode 186: Little Kong Action

Hello and welcome back!  And this time it's for a snack sized episode.  I wasn't able to join Bat on the adventure with Kong Skull Island but he brings us his spoiler free review and we also get to talk about this week's streaming review of The Visit.  Since there isn't too much in terms of news we discuss what we're playing and talk about Horizon: Zero Dawn, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Ghost Recon: Wild Lands... wow that is a lot of colons.  Also this time we remember to actually ask a podquestion, aren't you proud of us? I know I am.

This week we watched the suspense driven The Visit.  We had both wanted to see this movie when it came out in theaters and heard good things about it.  But we completely missed the boat.  I can say that we were pleasantly surprised.  This movie really felt like a return to the old Shyamalan films that we really fell in love with.  While not perfect it was a really enjoyable movie.  Not as many frights but it had plenty of edge of your seat moments and an ending that neither of us saw coming.  If you have avoided the spoilers this long I won't ruin them for you but we both recommend giving this 3/5 movie a watch.  Now we just need to go see Switch!


This week's recommendation comes from our listener TK.  Thanks you him we are watching These Final Hours on Netflix.  The movie has post apocalyptic feel about it that we just can't resist.  Feel free to join in and give this one a watch.

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Last week we forgot to ask a Podquestion but this week we didn't!  So we want to know which X-men Character needs to have their own solo flick?

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