Sunday, February 19, 2017

Episode 184: The Great Waah?

Hello and welcome to this weeks belated podcast.  I swear I can get these things posted on a regular...okay semi regular basis.  Thanks for being patient with me.  This week we went into the theaters and watched The Great Wall and we have our spoiler free and spoiler filled reviews just for you.  We also discuss this weeks streaming review of Spotlight and talk a bit about our digital game libraries that we keep on neglecting.

This week Bat wanted us to watch the movie Spotlight, which focused on the child molestation scandal that swept the Catholic Church.  With a cast of well known actors from all across the board and the subject matter we knew this one was going to hit us hard.  What we were shown was some excellent acting that depicted the struggles of a group of journalists trying to uncover one of the biggest stories of recent memory.  Our biggest criticisms were that the passage of time wasn't as clearly conveyed as we would have liked and that we thought there needed to be a little more explanation to all of the cases that the journalists and lawyers refer to.  But these are some minor critiques of a movie that really hit hard and fast and displayed what true journalism is.  We both gave this one 4/5 and highly recommend that you give it a watch.

This week's recommendation is my choice.  We're watching The Nice Guys.  This is one of those movies that we wanted to see in the theaters but just missed out.  Hopefully this movie fits right in for our streaming reviews.  You can watch this one on HBOgo.

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For last week's Podquestion we wanted to know what your favorite fictional assassin was.

Hammer             - The Bride (from Kill Bill)
Bat                     -  The Terminator 
TK                      -  Anton Chigurh (from No Country for Old Men)
Pajamazon         - O-ren Ishii
For next week's podquestion we want to know: What is your favorite Shakespeare adaptation?

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That is all for this week's Blogcast.  Be sure to tune in next year. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.


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