Monday, January 9, 2017

Episode 178: We Survived

Hello and welcome to our first new podcast of the year!  We're excited to be back and to jump right back into the action.  A lot has gone down in the past two weeks and we intend to talk it through including: Phoenix Comic Con's policy change to volunteering, The many deaths of 2016 and some new Mass Effect News.  We also caught the sci-fi movie Passengers and will be bringing you our spoiler free and spoiler filled reviews.  Lastly we discuss this weeks streaming review of Kindergarten Cop 2.

So this week we watched the long awaited sequel that we've all been dying to see....  Okay I'm lying, we watched the travesty that is Kindergarten Cop 2.  While we didn't expect too much to come out of this movie we thought it might at least be a little cheesy and funny.  Boy were we wrong.  What we got was a hallow shell of a movie staring the "charming" Dolph Lundgren.  He's perfectly at home in movies like Expendables and Masters of the Universe (go cheese!) but as a likable charming detective he just falters.  The writing is pretty numb and just seems forced.  Just when you think you see an iota of something you might enjoy the movie gives you more IT Tech guy or Constantly Yelling Boss.  The original was cheesy but it still had a nice charm and wit to it, this sequel  has none of that but does make me want to eat a Twix... damn you product placement. We both gave this stinker a 1/5 and highly recommend you remove this one from your mind.


This weeks streaming recommendation comes from our listener Mike. Spectral looks to be a scifi shoot em up thriller from Netflix.  The main reason I'm excited for this one is because Weta Workshop also worked on this movie.  Which means, the props and sets are gonna look pretty damn cool.  Give this one a watch on Netflix.

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Xbox one:
Deathtrap: World of Van Helsing   1/1-1/31
Killer Instinct Season 2                  1/16-2/15

Xbox 360:
The Cave                                       1-1-1-15
Rayman Origins                             1/16-1/31

Playstation 4:
Day of the Tentacle: Remastered (Vita)
This War of Mine: The Little Ones

Playstation 3:
The Swindle (PS4/Vita)

Plyastation Vita:
Titan Souls (PS4)

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