Monday, December 26, 2016

Episode 177: I Am A Horrible Friend

Hello and seasons greetings from your festive hosts, Bat and Hammer.  It's that time of year, meaning the end of it, that we take a look back on the movies (both streaming and theatrical) and games that brought us joy and pain.  Bat gets to surprise me with a gift that proves I'm a horrible friend and then we get to wrap up this year's last podcast with a silly podquestion.

We want to thank all of our listeners for another year of listening to our antics and responding in kind.  We appreciate that more that you may realize and look forward to another year of spreading the cheer, in podcast form at least.

This week's streaming review of Batman: The Killing Joke  was Bat's choice.  We were both looking forward to seeing this movie, I even talked about seeing it in the theaters.  It has the classic voices of Batman and Joker (Conroy and Hamill) and has one of the most famous, and controversial, story lines.  But alas, I just couldn't get into this one.  Bat enjoyed it more than myself but we both were confused about the extended prologue with Paris France and just felt it went on too long.  The animation is good and the voice acting is pretty damn spiffy.  But over all the movie just left me hanging, but not in a good way.  Bat gave this a 3/5 while I gave it a 2/5. See it if you must but there are plenty of other great Batman stories out there.


Next week's streaming review of Kindergarten Cop 2 is Bat's choice... this is how we end out the year with a bang I guess.  We both love the first one and are not really expecting anything from the second one.  But this might set the tone for the year but setting our expectations low so, won't you join us?  You can see this movie no Netflix.

The year is almost over but you can suggest a streaming movie that you want us to watch and review on future episodes that are on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBOgo. 

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For last week's Podquestion I wanted to know what is your most hated holiday movie? 

Hammer             - Charlie Brown Christmas
Bat                     - 
TK                      - Christmas with the Cranks
Mando               - Jim Carrey's Grinch

For next year's podquestion we want to know what is your favorite cameo in a movie

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That is all for this week's Blogcast.  Be sure to tune in next year. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.


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