Sunday, December 18, 2016

Episode 176: Rouge Juan

Hello and a welcome back to your regularly scheduled week in geek. This week Bat and I get to review the long awaited Rogue One (not Rouge dang it).  Hell we have been waiting for this movie for some time and it feels like it kind of snuck up on us.  As usual we bring first cover our spoiler free review and then at the end of the show we give our spoiler filled review, so stay tuned.  We also talk a little nerd news along with some of what we're playing and our streaming review of Yoga Hosers.

This week we watched the newest Kevin Smith movie, Yoga Hosers. Now before we begin, this movie is bad... not fun bad, just bad.  We both really like Kevin Smith and enjoy his humor but feel like this movie just falls flat on its face.  The jokes never really land, non-nonsensical story and uninteresting characters leave much to be desired.  I guess Bat put it best when he said this movie "just wasn't any fun."  Unlike Tusk, where we said the first half to 2/3 of the movie was pretty decent, this one just doesn't give us a reason to recommend it to anyone.  We both gave this a 1/5 and advise you to steer clear of it and invest your time somewhere else.

Next week's streaming review of Batman: The Killing Joke  is Bat's choice... surprise, surprise.  This comic story arc is one of the most prolific of Batman's history and we can't wait to set our eyes upon it.  Though we have some worries as the reception to this movie has been very hot or cold, depending on the audience.  If you want to join us as we watch the Caped Crusader's newest adventure you can find this movie on HBOgo.

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For last week's Podquestion Bat wanted to know what now-defunct band would want to see perform again.

Hammer             - Metalica (sorry, couldn't think of a good answer)
Bat                     - Rage Against the Machine
Heterolifemate   - Pink Floyd
TK                      - Sublime

For next week's podquestion we want to know: What is your most hated holiday movie? 

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