Monday, May 30, 2016

Episode 155: Xmen Review Apocalypse

Welcome back friends and listeners to this weeks episode of SzG! No streaming review this week but we did get to see Xmen Apocalypse in the theater and we will have our spoiler free and spoiler filled review (at the end of the show).  Besides our main nerd news of Captain America switching sides we're going to be talking with some friends about what we're all looking forward to at this years PCC.  This show we're joined by TK, Sarah, Casey and Jackie (aka the Mallet).  

Hey All, we're doing it again.  We're pushing back our streaming movie review of
 Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel on HBOgo. Due to issues with streaming and with PCC on the horizon we might be pushing it back an additional week.  But that means it gives you all more time to join in the fun.


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For this weeks Podquestion I wanted to know what is your favorite comic book story arc.

TK -
Bat- Batman's Death in the Family
Hammer - The Straczynski run of Thor
Josh the White - Avengers v Xmen

We're holding off of our normal Podquestions for this week due to PCC but if you have any questions you'd like to submit let us know via Facebook, Twitter or email us at

That is all for this week's Blogcast.  Be sure to tune in next week. Similar Hammer Time, same Bat Channel. 


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