Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Let your voice be heard

          Ladies and Gentleman, we have an import decision in front of us, that we all must make.
We have come so far over this part decade, and one man, with his lies and lack of knowledge, is on the verge of destroying. We've heard how he has a vision, to trust in his plan, but his track record speaks for himself. We've watched time and time again, with great hope, that this project, this will be the one to right all the wrongs, yet we are left broken and beaten each time. It's time we take back what does not belong to him. We have to collectively use our voices, to make sure that we are heard by the people in charge. How much longer will we let this man take us down a path we do not wish to go?

That's right folks, we need to rise up against the evil that is Zack Snyder


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