Monday, February 29, 2016

Episode 142: Get to the Maggie

Welcome back to another episode of SzG.  Again no theatrical review this week and again we're kind of stuck with little to no news.  Except for the 'controversy' surrounding the casting of Finn Jones as the immortal Iron Fist, really kids this is just getting silly.  Otherwise we dive into some streaming reviews, my 2nd game review in Hammer's 12, some free shit good shit and our spoiler filled reaction to episode 3 of Making a Murderer. 

This week's streaming suggestion from Bat was Maggie. Both Bat and myself are on the same page that we felt a bit miss lead by the trailer.  We expected a no holds bar protect"my slowly zombifiying daughter.  But instead we got a very dramatic and more down to earth movie about a father and daughter coming to terms with her inevitable demise.  Bat felt a little let down by these turn of events though he still gave it a 3/5.  While I loved this different take on a zombie infection and the focus particularly on the daughter and father characters, earning 4/5 from me.  Over all we both liked it and I would give it a high recommendation if you liked movies like The Road, though it's probably only worth a single watch.

Next weeks streaming suggestion of The Voices is brought to you be me.  Come watch as we see the murdering psychosis fueled gore comedy staring Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick.  Check out the trailer below to see just how weird this one looks.  This is available on EpixHD.

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Free Shit, Good Shit:

Xbox one:
Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishments   3/1-3/1
Lords of the Fallen                                         3/16-4/15

Xbox 360:
Supreme Commander 2                            3/1-3/15
Borderlands                                               3/16-3/31

Also Playstation Plus's March free games for all 3 systems.

Playstation 4:

Playstation 3:
The Last Guy
Super Stardust HD

Plyastation Vita:
Flame Over
Reality Fighters

Lastly we have 2 great bundles from Humble that I wanted to mention.  The first one is for all of those Table Top fans, its the Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder.  Hell of a deal if this system is your preference, if anything grab the whole deal for $25 and start a game.  
The second one is very near and dear to my heart, it's the Humble Indie Bundle 16.  This bundle, in it's numerous numeric incarnations, has been the one to get me into the likes of Braid, Bastion, Little Inferno and sooooo much more.  They haven't revealed all that is to come but damn it give a few of these games a try, you might just find a new favorite.

For last weeks Podquestion Bat wanted to know what is your favorite boardgame?

Bat                       Risk
Hammer               Risk Legacy
Mando                 Risk 2210 AD
TK                        Role a Role

For next weeks Podquestion I want to know if you could be any horror movie character who would you choose? 
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That is all for this week's Blogcast.  Be sure to tune in next week. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel. 


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