Monday, January 18, 2016

Episode 137: Exhausted Bat and the Sleepy Hammer

Welcome back to the first full(ish) normal episode of SzG for the new year.  Took us a little bit but we're back on the wagon with our first streaming review of the year, a sprinkling of some nerd news and our podquestion.  This weeks Nerd news is pretty slim but it includes: 
Dark Cloud 2 coming to PS4 and the Cloverfield 2 trailer.

This year is also off to a bit of a rough start with two major celebrity deaths rocking us.  First was David Bowie and then Alan Rickman, both of these great entertainers were taken by Cancer.  Sometimes it can be hard to explain why these celebrity deaths affect us so.  But There was a wonderful tweet I saw online that really put it into perspective. 
We both would just like to say to David Bowie and Alan Rickman, thanks for all the memories.

This weeks Streaming Suggestion, submitted by Mando, was UnBranded.  This film was half documentary and half challenge attempt.  The documentary side of the movie has it addressing the issue of wild horses on federally preserved land and the issues with sustainability due to booming populations.  This honestly is a topic i had absolutely no knowledge about prior to this movie, and as with most documentary movies this one is skewed towards the message it wants to spread.  That our current process in simply unsustainable.  

The other part of the movie has 4 cowboys training 13 wild horses and taking them on a roughly 5 month trek from the US Mexico boarder to the US Canada boarder.  This journey has a little less of a reason besides that "we did it because we could and few others have" mentality.  Not saying it's not impressive, because damn it is, but it does seem a bit less focused at times.  

The cinematography is beautiful and the sights that they capture are truly a wonder to behold.  Both Bat and myself liked this one, though he gave it a 3 while I gave it a 4.  We both thought it was worth the watch.  If you're down for something a little bit different why dint you give this ones a chance.  


Kind of keeping with the wild west theme, next weeks Streaming Suggestion is going to be The Ridiculous 6.  This one's my fault, well it is if it's bad.  But I do have hopes for a few laughs from this one.  Check you the trailer and see what you think.


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For last weeks Podquestion I wanted to know  if you could choose any one fictional weapon which one would you wield.

Bat                        A Terminator 
Hammer               Mj√∂lnir - Thor's Hammer 
Mando                  Athena's Daggers
TK                        AT Field - Neon Genesis Evangelion 

For next weeks Podquestion Bat want to know what older generation game (xbox original, PSone, PS2) would you have brought to Xbone or PS4?

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That is all for this week's Blogcast.  Be sure to tune in next week. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel. 


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