Monday, November 30, 2015

Episode 132: Pre Thoughts

Hello everyone and thanks for coming back for another episode of Sprecken ze Geek.   
This Episode marks the 3rd week on our march onto The Force Awakens as well as our closing thoughts on the prequel trilogy with our "streaming review" of Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Also a little company called Marvel decided to drop a trailer for a little indy film called Cap 3: Civil War, so we also discuss our thoughts on the trailer.

Okay I have to start this review out with an admission, I liked this movie a lot more than I remembered.  As stated before in the podcast I had thought my perception of the movie was tainted by other life events going on and I was right.  Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith is easily the best of the Prequel trilogy.  At least by Bat, myself and the fanbase at large.  Now with that settled we can move on.  This movie still is not a great movie, but it's a good movie... with it's fair share of issues that hold it back.  The fights are honestly pretty good (especially Obi and Anikin) but the Yoda/Sidious fight left a bit to be desired and honestly ended very anti climatically. The "love" story as a whole still continues to be a blemish as well does the acting of some of the slew of good actors present.  I keep imagining it had something to do with Lucas not directing them properly.  For a pay off movie it did okay and we both would give it 3/5 stars.  But Bat posed a good question, would this movie have the same impact/detractions if you had seen the prequels before the original trilogy?

Next week we're continuing our journey by moving into the original trilogy of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  I'm actually curious to see how this one holds up since it's been a couple of years since I've last seen it.  You know the drill, Trailer is down below if want to refresh you memory.

For the next 3 weeks (holy shit only 3 weeks left!) our streaming reviews are going to be taken up by the Star Wars movies but we still want you to send us your reviews of this weeks choice or even suggestions for future episodes streaming review on Hulu, Netflix or HBOgo.  We will happily bank these for after The Force Awakened has come out.
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In case you somehow missed it, here is the Civil War trailer that dropped this last week.

Here are the answers to last weeks Podquestion of what was your most disappointing game experience? 

Bat                              Final Fantasy X-2
Hammer                      Evergrace
Mando                         Arkham Origins

For next weeks Podquestion we want to know what would be your song if you were a stripper?

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