Sunday, November 22, 2015

Episode 131: Awkward Creeper Stares the Movie

Hello all and welcome back to another episode of Sprecken ze Geek.   
This Episode marks the 2nd week on our march onto The Force Awakens with our "streaming review" of Episode II: Attack of the Clones. We also bring you a spoiler free and spoilerfilled review of Mocking Jay Part 2 and discuss a more Star Wars goodness with our review of Battlefront and Disneyland's Season of the Force.

Episode II: Attack of the Clones.  Oh man does this movie ALSO didn't age so well.   Though both Bat and myself were surprised that the movie that we once considered the worst of the Prequel Trilogy was actually a bit better than we remembered.  Again the movie is not great or really good but it's far from the crap fest that we thought it was.  Yes Padame and Anikin's love story is still atrocious but as Bat points out, if you were to remove that from this movie you'd have a decent sci-fi flick.  This movie actually has a plot that makes more sense, still plenty of holes but the plot is there.  There is also a heck of a lot more action than Ep 1.  Over all this movie has a few more cool scenes and fun action but still felt a bit sloppy overall.


Next week we're continuing our march to Episode 7 by reviewing Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith.  Now if you haven't seen this one... hey it could still happen... or you want to refresh you memory check out the trailer below.

For the next 4 weeks our streaming reviews are going to be taken up by the Star Wars movies but we still want you to send us your reviews of this weeks choice or even suggestions for future episodes streaming review on Hulu, Netflix or HBOgo.  We will happily bank these for after The Force Awakened has come out.
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Here are the answers to last weeks Podquestion of what movie are you surprised that you don't own?

Bat                              Event Horizon
Hammer                      Goonies
Josh the White            Alien

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