Sunday, September 20, 2015

Episode 124: SLCC bound

Good Monday Morning (or whenever it is you are listening to this) to you all and welcome back for this brief but still just as good episode of Sprecken ze Geek.  This last week was a busy one for both Bat and myself and we decided that with Salt Lake City Comic Con on the horizon we would take a little breather from news.  We both discuss our costumes and plans for SLCC as well as plans following the con and our streaming review of Joe.

This weeks streaming suggestion, and 3rd movie in our month of Cage, was Joe. Both Bat and myself agreed that this movie felt very incomplete.  There are quite a few hanging threads that just left the whole movie feeling unfinished and a bit of a mess.  Bat put it best when he said that this movie could have done with a once over by a good editor to bring the movie in a bit more and make a tighter story.  I thought this one reminded me of one of our previous streaming suggestions, Mud, but I enjoyed that one.  This movie got a 2/5 stars from myself and Bat gave it 3/5.  As with all of these movies so far, this one is not something that needs to be seen and your time can be best spent elsewhere. 

Next weeks streaming suggestion comes from myself and it's the 4th and final movie in our month of Cage.  The Frozen Ground has the start of our month teaming up with John Cusack to tackle a killer, or is Cusack the killer?  Guess we're going to find out soon.  Watch the trailer, join in on the torture... again...or don't and maybe do something better with your time.  The choice is, as always, yours.  

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Here is the link to the Men vs. Cosplay calendar that we are talking about in case any of you are interested in learning more about it.

Here are the answers to last weeks Podquestion we wanted to know which Marvel character would you trade for a non Marvel studios owed character

Bat                    Quick Silver for Doctor Octopus
Hammer           Thanos for Glactus 
Mando              Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver for Doctor Doom

For next weeks Podquestion we want to know what one game would you choose to play if you could only pick one of the new releases between Sept 9/21-12/31? 

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That is all for this week's Podcast.   We will be taking next week off since we both will be out of town for SLCC but we will be back in the swing of things the following week.  In the mean time be sure to keep your eyes pealed for costuming pictures from the floor


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