Monday, September 14, 2015

Episode 123: We should have Left this one Behind

Hello all and welcome back to another Cage-a-licious episode of Sprecken ze Geek.  We continue the ill-begotten month of Nicholas Cage movies.  This week we review the bad movie of choice, Left Behind.  Though we kind of forget about doing the streaming review till the very end of the episode, i guess you could say we almost left you ...hanging.  You thought I was going to make another bad Left Behind pun didn't you?  Too bad, so sad.  Besides the streaming review we skip our theatrical review, not too much out there I can motivate Bat to go see.  But we do have a decent amount of nerd news including: Jessica Jones trailer released, Ronda Rousey in Roadhouse remake, mobile app Pokemon Go, Uncharted 4 release date, Apple TV to focus on gaming and Epix and Netflix movie deal comes to an end.   We also take a moment to have a like B&H bullshit where Bat discusses his time with the Mad Max game and I give my review of Man from U.N.C.L.E. as well as audiobook, The Martian.  

Our second installment in this months Cage-a-thon is Left Behind.  Man... this movie.  So I've read a good portion of the books, mainly because i'm fascinated by the Apocalypse, and for the most part there is some pretty good non-fiction fun to be had.  But this movie is so bad that I will call the Kirk Cameron travesty a better movie.  Now Bat actually said for the most part he didn't mind the movie as much and he most certainly didn't share my impassioned hatred for it.  But lets break it down kiddos, this full length movie is just the beginning (like maybe first 3-4 chapters) of the book.  There's no real ending it just ... stops.  But it stops in a way that you're left expecting the "in our next episode" tagline.  I don't know why they laser focused on just this part of the book when there is a whole lot more interesting things going on in the world... sigh. I could go on one of those "the books better than the movie" rants but I'll hold off for the podcast.  For now and just move on with the rating.  I gave it 1 star, wish I could go lower, and Bat admirably gave it 2 stars.  Really you aren't missing much of anything if you skip this one, which we figured, so please go watch something better.

Next weeks streaming suggestion comes from Bat and is the 3rd in our month of Cage.  This one neither of us heard of before, so that means it's got to be good, and is simply called Joe. Watch the trailer, join in on the torture... or don't and maybe do something better with your time.  The choice is yours.  

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First off is the Jessica Jones Netflix trailer.

An then there's Pokemon Go!

Here are the answers to last weeks Podquestion we wanted to know which movie franchise do you want to see J.J. Abrams leave is mark on.

Bat                    Alien
Hammer           Transformers
Mando              Back to the Future
TK                     Starship Troopers

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