Monday, June 29, 2015

Episode 114: Meow Missiles

Welcome back everyone to this weeks edition of Sprecken ze Geek.  With no movies of interest for us and pretty slow news day we decided it would be a great time to bring back the Geek Roundtable!  This week we are joined by Sarah and TK as we delve into our thoughts on who we'd marry, awkward dating experiences, awkward convention experiences as well as what costumes we're looking forward to making this year.  You will have to pardon the rather large amount of "Meows" this episode as we kind of dive a bit into my dating life and also say somethings we shouldn't.  But if this crazy show is as fun to listen to as it was to edit then I think you're in for a few laughs.

This week we also review last weeks streaming suggestion of Ask Me Anything.  No one ever likes to say a movie is bad, but really this movie is BAD.  If you take production and music out of the picture there really isn't all too much redeemable about it.  It has big name actors but it really feels like it squanders their potential.  The main character really doesn't give us anything to empathize with her and it just left me wish it was over quicker.  Even the "M. Night" twist like ending of the story just didn't grab me.  We gave this movie a 2 out of 5 stars and highly recommend that you all stay far away from it.

Next week's streaming review of Nightcrawler comes care of Bat's Heterolifemate and can be found on Netflix.  We have heard a ton about Jake Gyllenhaal's performance in this movie so we are both super psych-o'ed for this one. So why not join in this new adventure.

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Here are the answers from the last Podquestion of what emotion would you be?

Bat                       Humor
Hammer               Worry
TK                        Passion
Josh the Grey      Indifference
Mando                 Curious
Sarah                   Neurotic 
Mike                     AngstNext weeks Podquestion is what video game do you want to see get a remake?

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That is all for this week's Blogcast. Be sure to tune in next week. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel. 


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