Monday, June 15, 2015

Episode 112: Dinosaur Park

Welcome back everyone to this weeks edition of Sprecken ze Geek.  The summer movies keep on coming and this weeks review is a Brontosaurus of a movie, Jurassic World. I would have used Mammoth but , you know... wrong time period.  Anyways, we were excited for this one just on name alone and if box office is any indication we weren't the only ones.  We provide you both a spoiler free review and a spoiler filled review of the movie.

This weeks nerd news includes: Jon Bernthal being cast as Punisher in Daredevil season 2, oh yeah and we're getting Daredevil season 2, Gamefly offering a streaming game service, Oculus Rift release, Halo 5 details, Dishonored 2 announced, Doom game play and Fallout 4 release date.

We also want to take a moment to acknowledge the fine work and loss of a legend as this last week saw the passing of the great Christopher Lee.  Rest in peace good sir, you will be fondly remembered

Last weeks suggestion from Bat himself was Sex Ed.  Haley Joel Osment is a virgin Sex Ed teacher... yup that's the movie in a nut shell.  Not saying it is bad, but it's far from great.  It had a few laughs but over all it felt like it was trying too hard to be weird and just fell flat. While neither of us hate it we also find it hard to recommend it to others.  There are better things to spend your time on besides this movie.  We both gave it 3 out of 5 stars on Netflix.


Out next streaming suggestion comes from Bat's wife and it is called Barefoot and can be found on Netflix.  We know next to nothing about this one besides what the trailer shows us below.

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Here are the answers from the last Podquestion of what one (real) item do you want for your geek collection?

Bat             Barricade Mustang from Transformers
Hammer     Thors Hammer from the Dark World
TK              Lego Impreial Star Destroyer 
Mando        Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Action figure with Gigadrill

Next weeks Podquestion is song do you think of when you hear John Williams name?

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That is all for this week's Blogcast. Be sure to tune in next week. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel. 


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