Monday, May 25, 2015

Episode 110: Paltry-geist

3 weeks in and we are already hitting a wall of sorts, so many movies coming out and so little time.  We are having to pick and choose which big movie gets our hard earned dollars.  Last week we choose Mad Max over Pitch Perfect 2 (I think we made the right choice here) and this week we chose Poltergeist over Tomorrowland.  Was this the right decision?  Well listen in to find out

Since it's the week prior to Phoenix Comic Con we are taking it a bit easy, it also helps that news has been sparse pending E3 coming right on the heals of PCC.  So Instead we bring you our review of Noah, a spoiler free and spoiler filled review of Poltergeist, review this past weeks episode of Game of Thrones and discuss what we're looking forward to at this years PCC.

This weeks streaming review is Noah.  Both Bat and myself were more than disappointed by this 2 hour bob the biblical builder movie.  Russel Crowe plays the titular character and he does an okay job but really the movie just doesn't have a lot to it.  Big Boat, tiny bit of rain and a whole lot of God's wrath was what we were expecting but really it was more a lot of building and no real destruction.  Over all we both agreed that we didn't really care for it and gave it 2 stars on Netflix.


Now being the week of PCC we are going to take a break from both our streaming reviews and GoT episode reviews but we will be back after this next episode and in full force.  In the meantime if you want to send us some suggestions for our next streaming review please choose you method of recommendation below.  
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We're still holding our Podquestion from last week so there is still time to let us know Which Game of Thrones character's death are you most dreading?

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