Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Breaking Bad series review

 Being one of the cord cutters I've missed out on some TV shows during the original air cycle. Now most of these shows I haven't worried about missing live, but one show that I was upset I was missing was Breaking Bad. During its entire run I heard from my heterolifemate how great the show was, and watching it pile up emmy's only solidified his opinion. I finally sat down and powered through the show on Netflix in a span of 2 months. If I were single and without child, I imagine the entire show would have been finished in around a week. I cannot recommend this show enough. Bryan Cranston absolutely destroys as Walter White, a High School chemistry teacher that been diagnosed with lung cancer. As a way to provide for his family in the event of his death he decides to team with an ex student turned meth dealer Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). While dealing with Chemo for his cancer, White builds a meth empire and even starts to morph into a meth mastermind he's dubbed Heisenberg.

  Watching Cranston leave his Hal from Malcolm in the Middle and turn into Heisenberg is just entrancing. Cranston won 3 consecutive Emmy awards, and that still feels like he was robbed. I can't recall an actor leaving a well known character behind and creating an even more memorable character, but this is what Cranston did. Cranston walks the line between Heisenberg and White perfectly, making you empathize and loathe a character all at the same time. There as scenes that I will carry with me from this show that perfectly sums up my experience with Breaking Bad, and the scene with Walt, Hank and Walt Jr. where Walt gets his son drunk is television perfection.

 Cranston wasn't the only actor to knock the ball out of the park with this show. Both Aaron Paul and Dean Norris are incredible. Paul's portrayal as addicted Jesse is heartbreaking to watch. For someone you want to root for, he continues to find ways to make you hate him. Norris as Walt's brother in law
DEA agent Hank is standout. His obsession over finding Heisenberg is just one of many character flaws, that also make him human.

What I loved about this show, is that there were no "good guys" and "bad guys." Everyone, even some of the vile villains in the show, had reasons for their actions, which made them more relateable and human.

If you haven't seen Breaking Bad yet, and enjoy shows for their writing and acting, you would do yourself a favor to catch this series!


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