Monday, February 9, 2015

Episode 97: Jupiter Decending

Guess what guys and gals?  We have a Theatrical Review this week!  This week we went to see Jupiter Ascending, the Wachowskis newest film adventure.  We were both intrigued by the trailers we saw before but were worried from previous experiences as well as the fact this movie was almost delayed a year.  It was originally on our Summer Movie list for geeks-sake!  Was the movie worth it?  

Well to start off let's be positive, this movie is abso-lutely gorgeous!  The graphics, vistas and just pure strange creatures all looked fantastic and if that is all you want from a movie I would highly recommend you see this movie in the theater now.  Heck even spring for the 3D as I have heard it only enhances the awesomeness that is this movies beauty.   The action for the most part was pretty fast paced and enjoyable except for the confusing and long action scene over Chicago or Tatum and Bean's jaunt through a wall of robots. That is about where I'm going to stop with the positives though.

So lets get into the cons of this movie.  The writing of this movie is so damn choppy and inconsistent that it really becomes more than a little hard to follow and just plain nonsensical at times.  The love story between Tatum and Kunis feels really forces and kind of out of character, see Anakin/Padme "no but I love you~."  Okay maybe not that bad but it felt shoehorned in.  Besides Tatum and Bean I didn't really think the acting was anything to sneeze at (it was either bad or just kinda bland).  Also don't get me started on Mr. Wisper face that Eddie Redmayne was playing.  I don't know if it was his choice or bad directing but his character needed some major tweeks as it was sometimes so hard to hear him unless he screamed. The last part that I'll harp on was the story.  Overall it felt like big sections were cut out or just forgotten entirely.  The movie builds up a cool mythos and talks some awesome history and I would loved to have seen but instead seems to stick with a weird hybrid feel of Flash Gordon mixed with Dune and the Matrix.

All in all, no this is not a horrible movie but it is also far from a great movie.  The action and absolute beauty might win over some and hell even the over all feeling of Cheesy might make some believe this will be a cult hit down the line.  But I keep feeling that I kind of want to see the original cut of the movie to see what was or was not lost.  Whether you see this one... well that choice is yours but definitely keep your expectations in check (we went in with none really).

Also this week we have  Streaming Review as well as some new nerd news.

Our first sports Streaming Review is Brian and the Boz.  While I am far from a sports fan, Bat recommended this one because he knew I was completely oblivious to the Boz  and that I love documentaries.  Taking this as just a documentary I can say that I really enjoyed it over all, had a story to tell and did it in an easy to way that even non-football fans could understand and enjoy.  The path of Brian transforming into the Boz was an interesting look into the power of being a celebrity and how our want for a villain can breed an anti-hero who we all love to hate.  It was interesting to get a look inside a world I know so little about to see how this mans life changed so drastically in such a short amount of time.  I will definitely be giving more of the 30 for 30 documentaries a shot soon in the future.  Both Bat and I gave this one 3 out 5 stars on Netflix.


Next weeks suggestions is all me baby.  Our next offering is the Daniel Radcliffe movie, Horns.  Don't know much about it besides its Radcliffe with horns... which we assume is where the movie got it's name. 

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This Episode we discuss an all female led Avengers team, and more wonderfully geeky news

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Free Shit, Good Shit:

This weeks Star Wars Humble Bundle is the TITS!  seriously you have most all of the greatest Star Wars games a geek could want, and all for a damn low price.  Why haven't you bought this already???

Here are the answers to last weeks Podquestion of what is your favorite sports game?

Bat                            2 extreme
Hammer                    Super Tecmo Bowl
TK                             Jack Nicholas Golf

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