Monday, January 26, 2015

Episode 95: I, Freakin-stein sabbatical

Back from a sab-BATical we bring you a streaming review, Hammer brings you two Theatrical reviews and we go over the past two weeks of nerd news.

Bat suggested I, Frankenstein as this weeks Streaming Review .  We both agree, and still do,  that Aaron Eckhart is a good actor but this movie really just didn't need to exist.  Besides being a blatant palate swap of Underworld (which the writer did both so I guess he's ripping himself off) there just really isn't much to this movie. There was a cool concept of the Angels being Gargoyles but really the cool stops there and we are left with a movie that really fails to achieve anything but groans.  I gave it 2 stars while Bat gave it 3, but neither of us would recommend you watch this monstrosity (sorry but the pun must be made).

Next weeks Streaming Review is The Interview, the movie that started a whole lotta hoop la.  With the team up of Franco and Rogen you kind of know what you are in for.  We can only hope that that it entertains and doesn't cause the world to explode due to the Dear Leaders sadness.

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This Episode we discuss Xmen Apocalypse casting, Hardy leaving Suicide Squad, X-Files to make a return, Supergirl casting, The ending of the Marvel Universe as we know it and Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel making the leap to current generation.

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Here are the answers to last weeks Podquestion of which anime do you want to see get a live action adaptation?

Charles                     Bubble Gum Crisis

Tristan                       Hellsing

Josh the White          Vampire Hunter D

The Fanboy               Vampire Hunter D

Mike                          Samurai X
Bat                            Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan
Hammer                    Berserk

For next week's Podquestion we ask you what are your gaming/movie resolutions?

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