Monday, October 27, 2014

Episode 87: Prequilibrium

Welcome back friends.  This week we continue on with more nerdy news stories and a Theatrical movie review of "John Wick."  This movie won us over merely on the trailer and simple premise.  Did it live up to our expectations or fall flat on its face?  Listen in and find out.

 We also tackle this weeks streaming review of "Quarantine 2: Terminal."  This idea to go for a disease movie came from Bat's wife and it was a good one.  Sadly the selection on Netflix was less than desirable, which is how we ended up with this movie.  To start, it is not a good movie by any stretch but then again we really didn't expect much from it in the first place.  The movie has no purpose to be watched as it is poorly acted, weak premised and just plain boring.  Combine all of that with the fact that are are plenty of better movies to be watched and you come to the same conclusion that we did.  Ignore this movie, even if you are a horror fan as it does no favors to the disease or zombie genre.  This one garnered 1 star from me and 2 stars from Bat.  

Our next to last movie for the horror themed month of October is "The Blair Witch Project."  The movie that launched plenty of sequels/knock-off's was totally missed by me and Bat is more than happy to sit down and watch it again.  If you don't know about it check out the trailer below but be warned that it is shaky cam.

If you want to join us on our Fourth horror movie of the month you can find this movie on Netflix. You can send us your reviews or your suggestions for our next streaming review via Facebook, Twitter or email us at

This weeks Nerd News includes:  WB seeking Female Director for Wonder Woman movie, Lex Luthor could join the Suicide Squad movie, Halo Nightfall Trailer, RDJ was almost cut from Cap 3, new John Carter movie series announced, Simpsons App launched, WB's Blue Ribbon digital unit's webseries slate announced, HP short story coming on Halloween and Age of Ultron trailer released. 

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Check out the trailer for Halo Nightfall below

And in case you missed it... which bravo if you did... here is the Age of Ultron trailer

Here are the answers to last weeks Podquestion of what is your favorite horror movie remake
Fanboy          Dawn of the Dead
Bat                 Nightmare on Elm Street
Hammer        The Ring

Our next Podquestion asks what is your favorite Badass Female Character?  

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That is all for this week's Blogcast. Be sure to tune in next week Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel. 


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