Monday, September 22, 2014

Episode 82: #Tusk?

Welcome back again for this weeks edition of SzG!  We are joined this week by TK as we three dared ourselves to venture into the theater and review Kevin Smith's new movie, Tusk. Normally we give you a spoiler free and spoiler-ific review of theatrical releases but this week we kinda dive right on in so you have been warned. Here is the episode of SModcast that the movie Tusk originated from incase you are curious.

This weeks Streaming Review is American Psycho.  I have heard so many people love this movie but I personally found it rather enjoyable.  It's basically watching a person who live the high life slowly devolve into a mass murder.  

Not necessarily my type of movie but I will say that I'm happy to have seen it just so I get the references I seem to see everywhere.  Otherwise I would suggest skipping this one.

Next weeks streaming review is the infamous Wolf of Wall Street.  Much has been said about this movie and I'm really hoping it lives up to the hype, but saying that I imagine it won't.  One way or another I'm hoping it will be a fun ride.

It this is your kind of movie why don't you join us? this movie can be found on Epix.  You can send us your reviews or your suggestions for our next streaming review via Facebook, Twitter or email us at

This weeks Nerd News includes: Discussions on Kevin Smith movies, Deadpool movie coming 2016 and CBS getting a Supergirl TV show.

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Here are the answers to last weeks Podquestion of what was your worst Convention experience.

Charles      Anime Las Vegas- due to car accident, almost getting impaled and anime kids
Tristan       C4 (celebration)- due to lack of content despite it being so close to Skywalker                         Ranch
Bat            Phoenix Comic Con 2010- personal fights
Hammer     Anime Expo in LA-  due to LA and a horrible hotel room

Our next Podquestion is what is the scariest movie(s) you have seen?  
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That is all for this week's Blogcast. Be sure to tune in next week Same Hammer Time , same Bat Channel. 


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